Monday, September 15, 2008

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge is such a magical place to be. Burke and I went there soon after we moved here, in the middle of all the stress of unpacking, to kinda remind ourselves why we're here. It was great. Even though I've been there before, I always forget how stunning the bridge is until I'm actually there. Plus it's large--so large that you feel like you're miniature when you're walking through its archways.

As you can see, it offers crazy awesome views of the city at all angles. Also, as you walk on the pedestrian part, you're above the part where cars drive (hence my photos of headlights). The bridge seems to buzz with activity, travel, and life.

The purpose of Gothic architecture is/was to awe and humble people with its intimidating beauty and size. (In cathedrals, the idea was to make the worshippers feel like they were seeing god.) I definitely sense that when I am at the Brooklyn Bridge. 


Ichigo Tamago said...

Such beautiful night shots!

Amie said...

Great blog, Katie! I love seeing where you live and they way you have decorated the place- BEAUTIFUL! The pose of Burke on the "mighty entrance ball" looks like something Mike would do!