Monday, September 15, 2008

The Inside of Our Apartment

We finally got some furniture, so I took some photos of the inside of the apartment. Here's the living room.

(Notice the fan in the window. We don't have any air conditioning! And even though we're not in super-hot Texas anymore, it's still been really uncomfortable at times without AC. It gets humid here, and our windows face south, so the afternoon sun really heats up the place.)
Here's the bedroom.

We got a king-size bed, and it actually fits in the room! 
I didn't take a photo of the kitchen, which is off the living room. It's really small (could be a closet), so you're not missing much. Also, we have a small table and two chairs next to it, on the wall across from the couch. We just got those yesterday, so they weren't there when I took the photos. 
So there's our NY home! It's not huge, but it seems like just enough space for the two of us.


KaRina.SaputRi said...

beautiful apartment :)

Ichigo Tamago said...

It's so classy! I love how bright and airy it looks. It looks big to me.