Thursday, October 16, 2008

Happy October!!!

Ahhh, October is finally here. This is my favorite month for so many reasons. The weather is cooler, Halloween is approaching, and here the trees look like this!
Last night Burke and I slaughtered our first pumpkins of the season. It was a messy process.

My gourd design was inspired by the jack-o-lanterns in Tim Burton's movies like Nightmare Before Christmas and Sleepy Hollow
Here I am performing my surgery.

And here are our finished products!

Here's my pump in the dark, with a candle inside of it.

Finally, here it is out on the windowsill, scarin' the hell outta the neighbors.


Brooke said...

Excellent pumpkins! We have not yet carved ours ... looking forward to making a major mess with Master Daniel. :) We're planning to go to a pumpkin patch tomorrow so if he cooperates I should have some cute pictures to send your way shortly ....

Amie said...

Man, those are SCARY! We were so excited for Halloween that we bought and carved our pumpkins 2 weeks ago. Big mistake, seeing as it rained and sent our Jacks a-molding!

Ichigo Tamago said...

What Boo-tiful photos!!

Merrie said...

Lee and I bought our pumpkins but haven't carved them yet. I love the photo that you took from inside the pumpkin. Very cool!