Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Monique in Town!!!

Monique came to visit!!! She was here the last weekend in September. It was SO great to see her.

The first night she was here, we took a ride on the air tram to Roosevelt Island. It glides high above the East River in a car suspended by a cable. 
As Mo is demonstrating in the photo above, we took lots of pictures from the tram. The views are spectacular!

The next night, we went to karaoke!! We tried a new place called Duet.
We had a special guest join us: Vanessa, a friend from high school who now lives in Brooklyn! She and Mo had a chance to catch up. 
I think Mo was singing a Neil Diamond song with Burke here.
This would be a good shot if my nose weren't so red from the wine! Oh well--Monique and Vanessa look great.
We also went shopping, ate cupcakes, and generally goofed around in NYC. The weekend went by so fast! It was great to spend time in my new urban habitat with my good old pal Mo.

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Ichigo Tamago said...

Wow! Looks fun! I didn't know your nose got red with wine. It's like you're part Asian.