Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween Night

OK, OK--I promise this is the last Halloween-related entry I'm posting (at least till next year). 
On Halloween night, Burke, Jeff, and I dressed up and attended the world-famous Village Halloween Parade. According to their official website, this parade is the nation's largest public Halloween celebration and is attended by over 2 million people. Anyway, here are our costumes. Can you guess who we are??

Yep, I'm Axl Rose, Jeff is Slash, and Burke is Buckethead: members of the seminal rock band Guns n' Roses!
As original as I thought this idea was, when we got on the subway to go downtown, we sat right across the aisle from the couple below. Another Axl and Slash!!!! (Grrrr. I thought we looked better.)

Anyway, we got down to the parade and waited in a line (read: mob) of people in costume for our turn to walk up 6th Avenue. I am happy to report that people in New York really take this holiday seriously. The costumes were pretty elaborate.

There were definitely a few drag queens in the crowd. (There's something you don't see in Texas!) This guy could've at least waxed his chest.

Even though the following shot is kinda blurry, I wanted to post it so you could get a feel for the crowd and the street. (Also, notice the spider puppet on the clock tower! It was awesome.) We marched up 25 blocks!!!
Here's Buckethead and Slash in Times Square! 
And finally, here's a pic of us in the subway on the way home.

What can I say? Our first Halloween in New York totally rocked.

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