Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh, Christmas Tree...

So once Thanksgiving was over, all these little shops started selling fresh, live Christmas trees along the sidewalk! It was so quaint. Every other block, you walk by something like this.
It worked out perfectly for Burke and me, since we had both gotten rid of our old artificial trees before we moved up here. This year, for our First Christmas Together, we wanted a live tree! We walked over to the closest shop near our apartment. The trees there were only $30!

Of course, we had to walk it home. And up the stairs!
We had saved some of the ornaments we gave out as favors at our wedding last year, so we decided to decorate the tree with them. (Christy, do you remember tying the ribbon on each of these puppies? It was hard work, but fun!)

Here's our fully decorated tree.
Then, lo and behold, right after we finished putting on the last ornament, I looked outside, and it was SNOWING! It was the first time I've seen snow up here. How cool is that?! 

I hope you all are enjoying the season as well!


Ichigo Tamago said...

That's awesome!!! Now you just have to play the Charlie Brown Christmas album in the background.

Amie said...

What magic! I love that you used those ornaments for your first married Christmas! The tree is beautiful and I bet it smells so wonderful- thanks for sharing your holiday adventures!

Paul Boshears said...

the tree looks great