Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Burke's Parents

Burke's parents, Barbra and Barry, came to visit during January, right around Burke's birthday. (Wow--there are a lot of Bs in that sentence!) Here are two cute shots of them with our bird Pearl.


Did I mention how much I love snow? I just can't get enough; I'm obsessed. Whenever it starts falling, I get really hyper and run outside. One Saturday Burke and I went to Central Park in the snow and it looked like this!

Check out the frozen lake. This is the main lake in the middle of Central Park, and it was covered in a layer of ice (probably too thin to walk on, though) and a layer of snow on top of that!

And here are some shots of Riverside Park, near our house. This particular time, we had a really heavy snowstorm. The snowflakes were so big they looked like feathers falling from the sky.

Imagine my surprise when I found my initials written in the snow outside our apartment!!!
(OK fine--I did that with my shoe.)