Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th at the House of Wax!

Yesterday we visited Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum in Times Square. 
OMG, we saw so many celebs! Of course, they were plastic. But they looked verrrrry real. Here's Robin Williams. 
Here's Tyra!
Woody Allen and Leonardo Di Caprio (an unusual pair).

Michael Jackson.

Elton John!
Burke hangin' with the 9/11 firefighters.
Me giving Salvador Dali directions to the bathroom.
The weirdest part was, all these figures were together in one big room. So as you enter the room and start walking around, you have this feeling that there are lots of people in the room with you. Sometimes it even feels like you're being stared at. But, of course, 80% of the "people" in the room are actually wax figures! Eerie.

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Amie said...

So freaky! When Andrew and I were in daycare, they took us on a field trip to the wax museum and I remember being REALLY freaked out. Now that could have been b/c wax people are strange OR it could have been that a kid peuked on the bus on the way there. Max and I love the Hulk posing with you, Katie!