Monday, December 7, 2009

Thanksgiving Feast

Whoa. Check out my HUGE plate of food! Total carb overdose.
This year we spent Thanksgiving in Connecticut at my Aunt Kim and Uncle Pat's house. It was so much fun hanging out with all my relatives. The turkey was so moist! My grandmother's cornbread was so tasty! And Aunt Ginny made Burke's favorite: Green Bean Casserole! I devoured it all, as evidenced by the photo below.
Burke helped fix a plate for Gram.
Also, Pat and Kim had just adopted a new kitten! His name is Dunkin, and he is even softer than he looks. I wanted to steal him.
And then, Burke and my cousin Jimmy totally beat everybody at a game of Scene It: Seinfeld Edition
My mom came up from Texas to join us Yanks for Thanksgiving. While she was here, she also visited our apartment in NYC. We took her to the Cloisters and out to dinner. 
We also went to have tea together at Alice's Teacup, near Central Park (more carbs!). It was a great Thanksgiving visit! 

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Brooke said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Alice's Teacup!! I have an "evening comfort" (I think that's the blend) tea from there that is the best!