Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Back in April, my aunt Peggy and cousins Meridith and Jarrod came to NYC!
We did lots of awesome things while they were in town, including eating at the famous Gramercy Tavern! This restaurant has been featured on the Martha Stewart show and is absolutely delicious. I will definitely be going back.
To our surprise, they gave us a delicious array of tiny little chocolate desserts ... for free! YUM.
Here's the gang inside the lobby of the Empire State Building.We also saw two musicals that weekend: Mary Poppins and Promises, Promises. Both were really great! Mary Poppins had amazing special effects, and Promises, Promises was hilarious (and it starred the actor who plays Jack in Will and Grace).
One night, we dined at the famous Carnegie Deli. Look at the size of those matzo balls! They're almost as big as Meridith's head.
Here are some shots from our visit to the Cloisters museum, up in my neighborhood.

Jarrod was our "special guest" this time. It was his first visit to New York City! He's normally a pretty straight-and-narrow guy, so imagine my delight when he posed for these goofier pictures!! Enjoy.

-Jarrod in the Big Apple: a Photo Retrospective-
Um, that's for decoration, not for tossing salad!

Step away from the ancient fountain, sir. I repeat: step away.

Jarrod was oddly compelled by the alien window display.