Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy holidays!!

Instead of sending out Christmas cards this year, I've been working on a holiday video (shot with my iPhone and edited in iMovie). Merry Christmas from New York!!! Love, K.O.

Xmas 2011 from K.O. on Vimeo.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I just saw this cartoon in the New Yorker and had to post it here on the blog. It brings back memories of when we first moved up to Manhattan and were looking for an apartment. My mom came up to help, and she and I definitely saw plenty of apartments with brick-wall views.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Just had to post this awesome picture I took near Fort Tryon Park. To me, it embodies summertime in New York City: ice cream trucks everywhere, and people from all walks of life just enjoying the warm weather.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday and 4th of July

Last Saturday was my birthday. Since we had the entire day to celebrate it and the weather was great, we went to Robert Moses Beach.
This beach is supposed to be the nicest, cleanest, least crowded beach near New York City, and it did not disappoint!
Afterward, we ate at my favorite restaurant, El Pollo in Brooklyn, which serves Peruvian chicken and plantains. There I received many awesome gifts and a "sexy" card. (Is my nose sunburned, or am I blushing?)
That night: KARAOKE! Funnest activity ever.
For the Fourth of July, Burke and I walked over to the George Washington Bridge at sunset.
From there, we could see the Macy's Fireworks display downtown.
I hope you're having a good summer too!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Third Annual Girls' Weekend

This past weekend was our annual "Girls' Weekend" in NYC! Once again, we pulled out all thestops and lived each minute to its very fullest.
We saw two plays: Driving Miss Daisy and Catch Me If You Can. Both of them were great! I especially loved Catch Me If You Can and highly recommend it if you're in the mood for a musical.
We also saw the Yale Glee Club perform at Carnegie Hall. Here's a picture of the stage. The sound was incredible!
Another highlight of the weekend was the horse-drawn carriage ride we took in Central Park.
(Isn't this a great photo of Aunt Peggy? So spontaneous and natural!)

We had a fabulous afternoon tea a Lady Mendl's, a Victorian-style tea room in the Gramercy area. This townhouse was built in 1834!

And we went to the MOMA.

Not to mention all the great meals (and drinks!) we had. Here we are raising our glasses to another memorable weekend together in New York!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trip to Paris!

Bonjour, everyone. (Yes, now I am fluent in French--French salutations, that is!) :)
We went to Paris at the end of February, and we loved it. It reminds me of an older, cleaner, smaller, more laid-back New York. I already want to go back.
We stayed at the beautiful Hotel Saint Merry. The building is connected to a church (the Saint Merry cathedral), and the rooms are in the parish. It was a quiet, beautiful place, in a nice area near cafes and shops. Here's the exterior.
And here is the ceiling of our room (literally, this is what we saw when we were lying on the bed).
The first night we were there, we went to the Eiffel Tower. Here's what we saw as we were walking up to it through the nearby neighborhood. We just rounded a corner, and there it was.
Here's the view from the top. You can see the Seine River in the middle. (The "laser beam"-looking lights are spotlights coming from the Eiffel Tower, not aliens.)
Here we are on the top. Too bad we (or at least I) look so jet-lagged.
Anyway, we were staying in Le Marais district. This area is just north of the Seine, across the water from Notre Dame. We were down the street from Hotel de Ville (which means "city hall"), pictured below.
There was a beautiful antique carousel in front of Hotel de Ville.
We were just a couple of blocks away from the river. Here's the view from the water, before sunset.
And the view at sunset (notice the Eiffel Tower's "laser beam," mentioned above).
Speaking of sunsets, when the sun goes down in Paris, the sky turns a pinkish red shade I've never seen before. Tres magnifique! This photo doesn't even do it justice.
We saw a classical concert at Palias Garnier, the famous Paris opera house. No exaggeration: it was the prettiest, most ornate building I've ever set foot in. Also, the Palais Garnier, with its huge chandelier and underground lake, was the inspiration for the story The Phantom of the Opera (originally a novel). Here we are inside.
Here's the view across the room from our seat (including half of the famous chandelier).
We went to two museums while we were in Paris: the photography museum and the history museum. The latter is housed in a 16th century mansion. Here's a view of the courtyard.
Of course, we went to Notre Dame!
And we also found the Roman ruins on St. Michel. Can you believe how old these are? Romans built them!
Below are some more pictures of La Marais district.

And here is the subway stop (in Montmartre) that is featured prominently in the film Amelie.
Here's a funny label from a record store we went to.
And there's something really adorable to me about this warning sign.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Sadly, we lost our sweet little bird Pearl last Sunday night. Most likely, she had a heart attack. She had been perfectly healthy up until that day. Burke and I were with her when she passed away. She was fourteen years old! Thanks to her, I never lived alone, even when I had my own apartment. She filled every home I had with music and beauty. She was like a cheery ray of sunshine brightening up the room.

Pearl was a hand-trained bird purchased from a breeder. In addition to having uniquely beautiful plumage (most cockatiels are gray and yellow), she was very tame and liked to be petted. She would put her head down while you "preened" the feathers on her head, closing her little eyelids with its tiny white lashes. She could say "Hi, Pearl" and imitate a human whistle with a call-and-response song. When she was let out of her cage, she liked flying across the room to land on one of our heads. She was totally in love with Burke and tweeted excitedly every time he came in the room.

Goodbye, sweet little companion and precious friend. You will be missed.
Pearl sleeping, with her head buried in her wings.

Holiday Time

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! Burke and I were in Texas for almost two weeks celebrating (and yes, we missed the big NYC Blizzard '10). We had a brand-new niece and nephew to visit! Hailey is the daughter of my brother Luke and sis-in-law Melisa.
Here we are with my mom, who's holding my step-nephew Korbin.
Hailey is an unbelievably happy, cute baby! I mean, just look at that face.
Christopher, Burke's sister's baby, is our new nephew. Here I am with him and Daniel (who's only 3 but very wise for his age). Gotta love the fire-truck PJs.
I also got to visit my sweet friend Brooke, who lives in Dallas.
And her cats--including Jack, who I knew back when he was just a tiny 2-pound hairball.
We celebrated our anniversary at the scene of the crime--I mean, place where we got married: the Driskill Hotel in Austin.

And saw our wonderful friends Thomas and Doreen. Here's Doreen with Thomas Jr. (aka Little T). Why the big ol' grin? Well, his mom is the most hilarious person I know, so I can't blame him. :)