Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday and 4th of July

Last Saturday was my birthday. Since we had the entire day to celebrate it and the weather was great, we went to Robert Moses Beach.
This beach is supposed to be the nicest, cleanest, least crowded beach near New York City, and it did not disappoint!
Afterward, we ate at my favorite restaurant, El Pollo in Brooklyn, which serves Peruvian chicken and plantains. There I received many awesome gifts and a "sexy" card. (Is my nose sunburned, or am I blushing?)
That night: KARAOKE! Funnest activity ever.
For the Fourth of July, Burke and I walked over to the George Washington Bridge at sunset.
From there, we could see the Macy's Fireworks display downtown.
I hope you're having a good summer too!

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Amie said...

such fun! Again- Happy bday!