Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smells of NYC

I know what you're thinking: New York stinks, right? I mean literally, of course. Yes, there is lots of exhaust, garbage set out near the side of the road, dog excrement, etc. ... all ready and willing to offend the nostrils!
However, there are some scents in New York City that are really delightful--though these are admittedly rare. For example, the bushes and flowers in the city parks make walking by them a delight. And there is a NYC chain called Sabon that makes heavenly scented soaps; every store always has its front door propped open, even in the dead of winter, and the fragrance spills out onto the sidewalk. But the best scent in New York is probably that which emanates from these homely little sidewalk stands:

Their name is "Nuts 4 Nuts" (terrible name, I know), and they sell sugar-coated, roasted nuts of all varieties, served warm in wax paper for like $2.00. You can smell the mouth-watering aroma if you're within a block's radius of one of these babies. And it's hard to resist picking up a snack when you walk by. Now if they would just make scented candles...

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