Sunday, June 29, 2014

Camping in the Catskills

Yes, readers: I, your blogger, lover of manmade comforts like Netflix, hairdryers, and coffee machines, went camping. I'm usually more of an "urban explorer," but I was persuaded to spend 24 hours in the Catskill Mountains upstate. And guess what? I survived, and I'm happy I went.

The area, North-South Lake Campground, is very beautiful and serene, and offers great views and hiking trails.

My biggest accomplishment was creating a fire all by myself. Though the "E-Z Lite" coals might have helped. ;)

Thanks to my campfire, we could cook food: corn, tofu hot dogs, steak, and beans. (And later…S'MORES!) 

Observations: The ground is uncomfortable. Food tastes better when you cook it outside. Everything (the tent, your clothes, your hair) smells like campfire afterward. Seeing bright stars at night and hearing the wind through the trees is rejuvenating for a "city girl."

What about the wildlife, you ask? Well, I saw TWO huge black bears blocking the road while driving down the mountain! Unfortunately, I was too surprised and amazed to take a photograph before they moved. Therefore, I have created an "artist's rendition" of what I saw. :D Use your imagination. 
Amateur, but to scale. At first I thought they were SUVs!

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Amie said...

Those bears are too much!
I am so proud of you guys for taking the road less traveled and doing the nature bit!!! Burke looks so legit cutting the steak. What a fun adventure and, I'm sure, a nice break from the city.